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Overcoming the barriers stopping real estate investors from getting the most out of their investment 

Having been in the industry for more than 20 years now, we have helped countless people purchase investment properties and build up their portfolio. Over the years, we often notice a trend amongst the real estate investors who we assist during this process. This being that they purchase just one investment property and then sit on this until their retirement. Alternatively, we see investors purchase multiple properties and then start to “hit a wall” and begin to sell these properties only 5-10 years down the track to make a quick buck. The problem with both the above situations is that it results in these property investors not getting the most out of their investment. When implementing a property investment strategy, it is important to remember that this is an Ongoing & Long Term strategy. If you Give Up on your investment strategy and your plan, you will miss out on the benefits associated with following this through to fruition. 

“The key to making money is to stay invested” – Suze Orman 

Yes, the capital growth associated with a home and a single investment property, paired with other retirement strategies may be sufficient to support investors in retirement. However, to take advantage of the real potential available which will allow them to live out your Golden years fortuitously, real estate investors need to maintain conviction and continue to expand their portfolios. But how is this done? Good question! Here at Simply Property Investment, we do this by focusing the income generated by the investment property into reducing the investors debt. We also ensure there are strategies put in place to allow real estate investors to capitalise on the tax benefits associated with their investment property and maximise the potential of capital growth.  

These may seem like simple things, but implementing these strategies will lay a strong foundation to grow a strong and profitable investment portfolio. And yes you guessed it, this will also ensure you maximise your return on investment making you very wealthy and allowing you to live a very comfortable life into your retirement – who wouldn’t want that! 

Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or are just starting to build your investment property portfolio, the team at Simply Property Investment are here to help guide you on this journey! Take the stress out of property investment and contact us today by calling 07 5570 2579, or email us at Otherwise, visit our website to learn more about our business and the services we have to offer.