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Our Top Picks for Property Investment Financial Advice

The post-Covid Queensland property market is booming with investment opportunities and, if that’s got you thinking about your portfolio, remember that getting advice from a knowledgeable financial advisor can be the difference between good and GREAT returns.  But where can you find such a trusted partner?  There are plenty of choices in today’s market, so let’s explore some popular options.  Because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a well-versed investor or a first-time go-getter, having financial advice from a professional advisor who understands your property investment goals is a choice you’ll be glad of.

Our Number One Choice!  Licensed Financial Advisors

It’s no surprise that engaging a licensed Financial Advisor is our top recommendation for clients seeking financial advice.  Why?  Think of your Financial Advisor as someone who not only knows the ins and outs of the property market but also understands your unique goals.  This winning combination means they’re able to guide you in putting together an investment strategy that is tailored to you.  Our top tip?  Seek out an advisor who carries accreditation from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, meaning they meet all the necessary regulatory standards (and you’re in good hands)!

Prefer to Listen and Learn?  Real Estate Investment Seminars Are For You!

Attending real estate investment seminars and workshops is another great way to gain valuable, real-time insights into the property market.  Look for forums that are organised by industry experts and seasoned investors.  These events are a one-stop destination for investors to learn about market trends, financing options and property management strategies.  Seminars are our number one recommendation for investors who like networking, because at these events you’ll readily connect with professionals who can offer personalised financial advice based on their experiences across the property market.

Investment Treasure Hunter?  Try Online Communities and Forums

Before making decisions, do you like to dive into the details and gather information from sources far and wide?  The internet is a treasure trove of information, and online forums and communities can be excellent resources for gaining investment insights. Platforms like property investment forums, Reddit communities, and social media groups allow you to engage with other investors, share experiences, and seek input from those who have navigated the investment market successfully.  ‘ALWAYS VERIFY EVERYTHING’ is our big piece of advice to online information hunters and gatherers, especially before making decisions based solely on online discussions.

Trusted & True:  Financial Institutions

From the blue-chip Big Four to smaller, community-focused banks, Australia is spoiled with a choice of top-notch financial institutions.  If seeking trusted and reliable financial advice, then building a relationship with your local bank can open plenty of opportunities.  Many financial institutions have dedicated teams and financial advisors who specialise in property and can guide you through the process of securing mortgages, understanding interest rates, and managing your finances effectively. If this is the choice for you, then we suggest scheduling an appointment with your preferred institution’s experts to discuss your investment goals and explore the financing options available to you.

In today’s dynamic market, property investors are spoiled for choice, but these four options are our top picks for reliable financial advice.  Whether you choose to consult a licensed financial advisor, attend a seminar (or several!), engage with online communities, or consult with your local financial institution, remember that the key is to gather diverse perspectives and stay well-informed throughout your investment journey.  With the right information, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate your investments and ready to capitalise on the incredible opportunities presented by Queensland’s property market. If you’d like to find out how Simply Property can help you on this journey, make sure you contact us for a free consultation.